Audacity, the open-source audio editor, has been branded as “possible privacy issue” after a controversial privacy policy change gives its new owner permission to collect personal data, share it with governments and sell to private firms without your consent.

This comes after the Audacity acquisition back in May by the Muse Group: owners of Tonebridge and Ultimate Guitar Score. Since then, users have spotted several changes to the privacy policy page with this latest alteration being the most significant of all.

Why is Audacity a big potential threat to your privacy?

Let’s break down the changes made to the terms in 2021 and understand what the risks are to you.

The main concern here is just how vague the wording is. As you can read for yourself on Audacity’s Desktop Privacy Notice page, the company reserves the right to collect and share “data necessary for law enforcement,” or sell “to a potential buyer.”

Bron: laptopmag.