Google Chrome logo (79 pix) Google heeft versie 108 van zijn webbrowser Chrome uitgebracht. Google Chrome is beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en macOS. Er zijn ook versies voor Android en iOS, maar die volgen een iets ander releaseschema. In versie 108 zijn onder meer verbeteringen aangebracht in progressieve web applicaties, is er een set kleurrijke emoji’s toegevoegd en is de functie om screenshots te maken nu standaard ingeschakeld. Meer informatie over de veranderingen die in deze uitgave zijn aangebracht, naast de gebruikelijke bug- en security fixes, kan bij Chrome Unboxed worden gevonden.

Improvements to Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Applications, or PWAs for short, are getting a really interesting feature. While custom title bars were experimentally added into Chrome 93, this latest update makes them official. The top bar for the browser window when a web app is turned into a shortcut and made to be standalone can now feature the site title in a colorful strip, a search bar for that site, and more. There’s a demo website available if you’d like to take a look at what this would look like, but it will differ depending on the site you visit.

Clearer, more crisp Emoji

A new set of COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts are being implemented to enable emoji to take up less storage space than before. By reusing contours, supporting variations, and enabling 2D glyph definitions, the new icon fonts use vector formats instead of rasterized PNGs so they can look much more crisp and clear as well.

As a result, these new emoji will come packaged in smaller file sizes, and look better when scaled. While the images above may not be identical, you can click on them to see how much more clear the left side is compared to the right. If you can’t tell, then visit the Codepen site for yourself to see the difference!

Desktop Screenshots

Version 98 also brings a new Desktop Screenshot tool for Chrome to the masses, and it’s no longer hidden behind a flag! If you click the share button in the browser’s Omnibox, you will now have an option for taking a desktop screenshot. Afterward, you can share it out however you’d like, download it for safekeeping, or edit it.

In addition to this, you can now add emoji to your screenshots before finalizing them. This should give you some more expression depending on the context of the content, and that’s always a great thing. While the share sheet is open, you’ll see a new ‘Add emotion’ button marked by a smiley face. Tapping it will give you a horizontally scrolling bar full of emoji to pick from, place, rotate and scale.

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