Variant 2 , which I can’t check, but according to comments works fine. As Patrik writes in our comments, all you have to do is go to regedit via Windows key + R and search for MetricsReportingEnabled under Edit -> Search . Delete these 1-2 entries and the Edge will start again.
To find under


As DK2000 writes in the comments, this is an old policy that has been superseded. However, the entry itself was not deleted from the registry. This resulted in a collision and the Edge no longer started.

Bron: (translated) https://www-deskmodder-de…r_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp

Dit is nogal vreemd, de work-around gaat over Regkeys + sleutel, die sinds Edge 89 verdwenen zijn:

Enable usage and crash-related data reporting (deprecated)
DEPRECATED: This policy is deprecated. It is currently supported but will become obsolete in a future release.

This policy is deprecated. It is currently supported but will become obsolete in Microsoft Edge 89. This policy is replaced by the new policy: ‘DiagnosticData’ (Send required and optional diagnostic data about browser usage)for Windows 7, Windows 8, and macOS. This policy is replaced by Allow Telemetry on Win 10 (


Ik heb op 4 systemen gekeken (1x WIN11 X64 + 1x ARM64 + 2x WIN10), maar kan deze MetricsReportingEnabled registry Keys niet vinden. Ik wilde probleem is reproduceren (op een VM-systeem + systeem), maar zelfs na het aanmaken van deze keys blijft Edge werken. De sleutel Edge lijkt mij alleen aangemaakt te worden door toegepaste beleidsregels, namelijk zie ik de gehele sleutel Edge niet op eigen systemen terug.

Reg-key (+sleutel) (