RJ TextEd logo (79 pix) Versie 15.66 van RJ TextEd is uitgebracht. Deze gratis teksteditor van Zweedse makelij heeft diverse mogelijkheden, die vooral voor software- en webontwikkelaars interessant zijn, zoals syntax-highlighting, autocompletion, uitgebreide selectie- en sorteermogelijkheden en een ingebakken (s)ftp-client. Het programma wordt voor Windows ontwikkeld, maar is via Wine ook prima onder Linux te gebruiken. In deze uitgave zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Application icon

You can change the application icon in options. It will require a program restart to take effect.

Text comparison

Made some improvements to the line compare display. It should handle Unicode better now.

Quick Find (Ctrl+E)

Should use the current selection as search string, if possible.


Replaced some old code and units. Added an option to indicate open project files with a colored line in the document tab.

Restart (as admin, update…)

Made some changes to the saved data to prevent issues when re-opening files.

Exception tracer

Disabled the builtin exception tracer and installed EurekaLog instead. Hopefully it will catch a few more exceptions. It also has options to check memory or hang issues. Even if they are disabled by default for speed.


  • Some theme issues with standard dialog windows.
  • Running tool in the background.
  • Zoom in external document window.
  • Some high dpi issues when moving between monitors.
  • Many minor issues reported by users.